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Getting To Know Freshman Kelcie Randazzo

Sept. 16, 2010

CULLOWHEE, N.C. -Freshman Kelcie Randazzo took time out of her busy class and practice schedule to give fans a look into her life off of the volleyball court. Each week a different player will answer roughly 20 questions to give fans a look into their life away from volleyball.

Week 1: Morgan Cochran
Week 2: Leah Best

Getting to know Kelcie Randazzo...

Favorite TV show: Jersey Shore

Favorite Movie: The Hangover

Most played song on your IPod: 143 by Bobby Brackins

Favorite activity with the team: Definitely have to say eating.

After three weeks of class, what's your favorite class: Why? Visual Arts. It's the easiest class I have and a lot of football players are in the class and they are entertaining.

Why did you choose WCU: I wanted to experience the East Coast and see what I could do for a rebuilding program.

Favorite place to eat on campus: Burger Studio

Other than volleyball, what is your favorite sport to play: Softball. I'm horrible at it and I'm sure it entertains the people watching me try to play it.

Favorite sport to watch: Basketball

Any pre-game superstitions or any general superstitions: Before I'm about to go on the court I say, "All in you Lord."

Hobbies away from volleyball: Spending my extra time with my nephews



With three weeks of collegiate volleyball under your belt, what's the biggest difference from high school volleyball: A lot more matters here in college than it did back at my high school.

Athlete/person you admire the most: My father and Kobe Bryant

Something people might not know about me: My left foot is bigger than my right foot.

Personal goal for the season: Break some school records

My teammates would say I'm: A baby

When I was 10 years old I wanted to be: A professional athlete

Nickname: Kelc