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Post-Game Quotes from WCU Head Coach Dennis Wagner

Oct. 22, 2011

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Western Carolina Head Coach Dennis Wagner:

Opening Statement
"It was very disappointing. I thought that offensively we never got the ball going. Defensively, we couldn't slow them down or get them off the field on third down. It was a frustrating game. We had some times where we had third and long and couldn't get there. Offensively, we just couldn't put anything together. It seemed like we dropped some balls and we missed some guys on the offensive line. We had trouble on some of the twists that they ran. They got pressure on the quarterback. It just wasn't a good performance."

On the play of the offensive line
"We ran several different kinds of protection and some individuals got beat. They have to do a better job of picking it up and when we do get the opportunity to throw the ball down the field, we have to catch it. We made some catches and then had to bring a few back because of penalties. You can't put your finger on just one thing. It was just not a good performance offensively."

On the play of the defense
"They had some 10 and 12 yard plays to keep drives going, but overall it was just the defense couldn't get off the field. They chewed up the clock and we weren't moving the ball offensively. Then, when we get out there, we can't go three and out because you're playing an option team. They're going to eat up the clock."

On the important of getting yardage on first and second downs
"It affects us just because the defense can pin their ears back and they're really in control. It goes all the way from professional football to junior high football, if it's third and long, it's not a good situation to be in."

On slowing down the option as the game went on
"We really didn't make adjustments. We just made sure guys did what they were supposed to do. There were some missed tackles early in the game. There were guys not getting to the pitch. We did a better job of getting off blocks and pushing it to the sideline. I think it was just a matter of guys executing their assignments."