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About Us

Dec. 3, 2003

The WCU Cheerleaders have had a history of growth and excellence. In 2000, we competed at the Universal Cheerleading Association Nationals and placed 14th in our division. In 2001, the team went to the National Cheerleading Association College Nationals and placed 6th the in small co-ed division. They went on to place 3rd in the small co-ed division in 2002.

The team cheers football season and men and women's basketball seasons. After those seasons are complete we begin preparing for Nationals. We are also involved with our community and participate in Relay for Life.

Our cheerleaders are a part of WCU's athletic department. When you complete your first year you receive a letter certificate. On completion of your second year you receive a letter jacket. After your third year you receive a WCU fleece. And at the end of the fourth year you receive a very nice plaque that lists accomplishments from your time as a cheerleader.

As an athlete you will be required to follow the athletic guidelines. As a freshman you can expect a very busy year. Below is an example of what a week as a freshman cheerleader might be like for you:

Sunday at 5:00 pm: workout Sunday at 7:00 pm: study hall Monday at 7:00 pm: practice Tuesday at 5:45 am: conditioning Tuesday at 6:30 pm: study hall Wednesday at 6:30 pm: study hall Thursday during the day: workout Thursday at 6:30 pm: practice Saturday: game

During the summer months we are fortunate to receive donations for tee-shirts. These shirts will be used during camp and then for various events throughout the year. The athletic department supplies us with uniforms, one set of poms, a pair of shoes, and very nice warm-ups. Allowable food and travel expense is also covered for away games we attend. We have great support from our community and this always helps when trying to raise money to go to Nationals.

Being a college cheerleader is TOUGH! It takes perseverance, respect and a positive attitude. You must constantly strive to be the best, all the while being respectful of those around you. If you are this type of person then you will enjoy and appreciate your experience as a WCU Cheerleader.