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Fairview Elementary School Tutoring Program (Men's Basketball)

Oct. 23, 2003

Carrying on a tradition which the WCU Men's Basketball has been taking part in for several years, three members of the Catamount team travel to Fairview Elementary School in Sylva, NC, to tutor students from 7-8 am every Wednesday morning.

The Fairview students range in age from eight to eleven, from third to fifth grades. The WCU Men's Basketball team helps the Fairview students in subjects such as Math and Reading, and several of the Catamounts have tutored the same students over the years.

Junior Kevin Martin says that he has established a rapport with several of the students that he has remembered from years passed. He also feels that there is a great need among the students. "It feels like we are really helping the kids - I enjoy being able to watch them solve their problems after we have worked together."

WCU Head Coach Steve Shurina is proud of the effort his players have made. "Our players are doing a great service for the community when tutoring at Fairview Elementary. They take one plus hours out of their time, (at 7 AM!), one day a week to help kids less fortunate than them. We preach to them the idea of giving back, and this is a perfect example. I am proud of what our guys have done over there and truly believe we've made a difference."