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UNC Asheville and Western Carolina Announce Parkway Series

Updated April 11, 2007

Cullowhee, N.C. - UNC Asheville and Western Carolina have been fighting like cats and dogs since Dec. 10, 1965, and although they play in different conferences the two mountain rivals now have something new to fight about-The Parkway Series Trophy.

The Bulldogs and Catamounts meet head-to-head in 10 sports this season and for each victory, the winning school will earn one point towards the trophy that will be given to the school with the most victories each May. But the courts and fields are not the only place this competition is played. As both universities place a high priority on community service, student-athletes can help gain additional points by volunteering at Big Brothers and Big Sisters events. The university with the most overall student-athlete participation gains a point per semester.

"We appreciate Arby's support in sponsoring the Parkway Series to benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Teaming with UNC Asheville for this very worthwhile cause will help promote the good work they do for this region," said Western Carolina Director of Athletics, Chip Smith.

At the end of each academic year, not only will the winning school be awarded the Parkway Series Trophy, but, Arby's will make a donation to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters foundation on behalf of the winning school. Also, fans can help their respective Universities gain an extra point towards the championship by making donations at all Parkway Series events. The school which raises the most will earn a bonus point towards the year-end trophy.

"UNC Asheville Athletics is thrilled to partner with Western Carolina University in support of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and we would like to especially thank Arby's and particularly Gene Austin for their continued support of student-athletes who are striving to be champions in athletics and leaders in life," said Asheville Director of Athletics, Janet Cone.

"Arby's - The Winning Team, Inc. is proud to partner with Western Carolina University and UNC Asheville in the Parkway Series. We are particularly pleased that the two universities are taking the opportunity to benefit Arby's national philanthropic partner, Big Brothers Big Sisters! No matter which school has the most victories this year they are both helping Big Brother and Big Sisters further their service to the children of Western North Carolina. That makes WCU and UNCA part of our Winning Team," said Arby's Director of Marketing Gene Austin.

Fans can follow the Parkway Series on the athletics websites of both schools. and

Parkway Series Standings (as of April 11, 2007)
Western Carolina 8, UNC Asheville 5

Sport Date Result Tally
Women's XC 9/15/06 UNCA Win UNCA 1, WCU 0
Men's XC 9/15/06 UNCA Win UNCA 2, WCU 0
Women's Soccer 9/26/06 WCU win, 3-0 UNCA 2, WCU 1
Men's Basketball 11/14/06 WCU win, 61-46 UNCA 2, WCU 2
Women's Basketball 11/29/06 WCU win, 81-78 WCU 3, UNCA 2
Men's Indoor Track 12/2/06 WCU win, 254-75 WCU 4, UNCA 2
Women's Indoor Track 12/2/06 WCU win, 271-64 WCU 5, UNCA 2
Volunteer 1st Semester UNCA win WCU 5, UNCA 3
Baseball 3/14/07 UNCA win, 7-6 WCU 5, UNCA 4
Tennis 3/15/07 UNCA win, 4-3 WCU 5, UNCA 5
Men's Outdoor Track 3/31/07 WCU win, 94-13 WCU 6, UNCA 5
Women's Outdoor Track 3/31/07 WCU win, 87-12 WCU 7, UNCA 5
Baseball 4/10/07 WCU win 12-6 WCU 8, UNCA 5
Volunteer 2nd Semester
Donations All Year