2013-14 WCU Dance Team

Sept. 19, 2013

2013-14 WCU Dance Team

2012-13 WCU Dance Team

2013-14 WCU Dance Team
Front row (left to right): Marina Lee, Janese Hendricks, Nikki Groh, Larissa Capps, Dawn Henderson, Meredith Ivey, Allie Cross, Kristina Cestrone

Back row (left to right): Kristan Dotson, Staci Batts, Kaitlyn Sizemore, Ty Marion, Ariel Schnell, Alex Brunt, Shani Searcy

Staci Batts Freshman
Alex Brunt Freshman
Larissa Capps Junior
Kristina Cestrone Sophomore
Allie Cross Sophomore
Kristan Dotson Freshman
Nikki Groh Junior
Dawn Henderson Senior
Janese Hendricks Junior
Meredith Ivey Junior
Mariana Lee Freshman
Ty Marion Sophomore
Ariel Schnell Sophomore
Shani Searcy Junior
Kaitlyn Sizemore Sophomore

2013-14 WCU Dance Team Profiles

Dance Team Coordinator: Jessica Graning
Dance Team Assistant Coordinator: Amy Manshack
Dance Team Advisor: Shauna Sage

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