Western Carolina Department of Athletics Mission & Vision Statements

Role And Mission Statement

The Department of Athletics at Western Carolina University is an integral program of the institution and exists solely to complement the central University mission of teaching and learning. The University seeks to create a community of scholarship in which the activities of its members are consistent with the highest standards of knowledge and practice in their disciplines. The athletics program reflects this commitment to highest standards and shares the responsibility of achieving the goals of the University.

The activities of the athletics program provide an environment in which students, coaches, faculty, staff and administrators jointly assume the responsibility for the success on and off the field of play. The athletics program embraces the concept that student-athletes are first and foremost students -- possessing academic goals, personal interests, and vocational ambitions not unlike those of any other student. The athletics program complements other University programs by enhancing the educational, social, career and athletic opportunities of the students who participate in athletics. This environment also fosters a commitment to high standards of personal and professional conduct by all members of the athletic community manifested in the highest level of sportsmanship.

Western Carolina University is committed to ensuring equitable participation and treatment of men and women of all races and ethnic origins. The athletics program actively promotes an environment in which fair and equitable distribution of athletic opportunities, benefits, and resources are available to all athletics program participants, and in which any person is free from discrimination.

The athletics program provides significant contributions to the University by enhancing loyalty to the alma mater, strengthening the pride and enthusiasm of alumni, fostering a strong sense of community, and serving as a positive public relations tool for the university.


Western Carolina University Athletics' vision is to be the best place to be a student-athlete in the Southern Conference.

The first question that this statement causes to surface is, "What does 'best place' mean?" For the Athletics Department (Athletics), it means all of the following:

  • Academics-Athletics will become the number one program among the public institutions in The Southern Conference (SoCon) for graduation rates for its student-athletes. Athletics is committed to ensuring that every student-athlete graduates. This means giving greater attention to study halls, tutoring, and other means of coping with the additional pressures student-athletes face in balancing their academic and athletics goals.

  • Winning-Athletics is committed to upgrading its competitiveness and dominating the SoCon in all sports by competing for and winning Conference championships and post-season competitions.

  • Support-Athletics has fostered support (financial and attendance) based on shared ownership among the following groups:
    1. University Administration
    2. Faculty/Staff
    3. Students
    4. Alumni
    5. Community

  • People: Athletics personnel includes coaches, administration and support staff are highly skilled at what they do and determined to help the student-athletes realize a meaningful and enjoyable experience during their tenure at WCU.

  • Life Skills: Athletics maintains a vibrant Life Skills program which is a model in the SoCon. Support for this program continues to foster the growth of student-athletes by emphasing the following commitments: academic excellence, athletic excellence, personnel development, career development and service.

  • Facilities: Athletic facilities are comparable to or better than any of those within the Southern Conference.

  • Competition: Athletics has enhanced its level of competition, thereby increasing the quality of play within the SoCon and the possibilities for post-season opportunities.

  • Attitude-Athletics has developed a winning attitude: This sustained attitude, coupled with real success, has created a new winning tradition for Western.

  • Gender and Minority Equity: The athletics program reflects its commitment to ensuring equitable participation and treatment of men and women of all races and ethic origins.

    Core Values

  • Winning Programs
  • Academic Achievement
  • Exceptional Sportsmanship and Integrity
  • Contributing to Life Success of student-athletes
  • Creating Institutional Loyalty and Support
  • Enhancing Gender and Minority Equity

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