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From the Desk of WCU Director of Athletics, Chip Smith

Sept. 1, 2008

The weather was great; the Victory Bell ran early and often; the teams played well; the students were animated; the entire crowd was energetic and fireworks capped off a great evening of football. The Dennis Wagner era has begun successfully.

As we look toward Florida State and, later on, the "real" season of Southern Conference football, we hope you will join us at home or on the road to cheer for the Catamounts.

In the midst of that excitement, there were some problems that surrounded the experience which caused this to be a less-than-stellar event for some of you - and for that I apologize. By way of explanation and certainly not excuse, we have made several changes that will make it a better game atmosphere for everyone, but had our problems.

Along with a new team and new logo, we are implementing a number of renovations. Those included a new ticketing system, the change in the stadium seating arrangement, a new student ticket policy, the new tailgating policy for students, and an increased number of events that take place before and during the game, like the Victory Bell and fireworks.

In addition to the problems of which we are aware, several people have contacted us since the game to relate difficulties that they had. We appreciate your input and the fact that you want every Catamount Athletic event to be special. We do as well.

We are working hard to address all of our deficiencies and make the Liberty game a great happening for everyone from start to finish. We understand that every person you encounter while on campus, from the parking attendant to the concessionaire, makes an impression. For some, it may be the only impression that person has of Western Carolina We take that responsibility seriously and promise to do our part to be exemplary representatives of the University.

Thank you for your understanding and your loyalty to the Catamounts.

Chip Smith
Director of Athletics