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WCU Tailgating Policy

Sept. 1, 2004


Tailgating shall apply to all NCAA football games and scrimmages and may begin no more than three (3) hours before an event and must end promptly at game time. You will be asked to leave the lots at game time by the Office of Student Affairs, and Catamount Club, in cooperation with, the University Police.

Tailgating involving alcohol will not be permitted during halftime or after games.

You must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcoholic beverages.

No kegs are permitted at tailgating activities. A keg is any container that holds or is capable of holding more than one gallon of malt beverage or unfortified wine at a single time. Public display of alcohol is discouraged and glass containers are prohibited in all tailgating areas. The use of plastic containers is encouraged for the consumption of all beverages.

Tailgating Policy Signs are posted at each designated tailgating parking lot.

Activities sponsored by a particular organization will appoint group leaders who will be briefed on their responsibilities and the tailgating policies either by Student Affairs or the Executive Director of the Catamount Club (depending on the sponsor) as well as the University Police and the Athletic Department. Student Affairs or the Advancement Office will provide group leaders with a copy of the campus alcohol policy.

Catamount Club staff members will provide information to individuals in the lot on the University's alcohol policy and state laws governing alcohol consumption in those areas. The Catamount Club staff will be on call to assist Campus Police in resolving violations of the University alcohol policy and state laws.

Student Affairs staff will provide information to individuals in the lot on the University's alcohol policy and state laws governing alcohol consumption.

All groups and individuals participating in tailgating activities are responsible for proper disposal of their trash and other debris such as charcoal. In cooperation with Student Affairs, Facilities Management will provide periodic trash pick up during the game. Trash containers will be set out prior to each game by Facilities Management and additional receptacle will be available from Student Affairs and Advancement staff. For safety purposes, glass containers are prohibited in the tailgating areas.

At game time, staff members from the Athletic Department, Catamount Club and Student Affairs will remind all individuals in their tailgating areas of the restrictions on alcohol consumption after the game begins. With the assistance of Campus Police they will encourage all individuals to leave the lot and move into the stadium at the start of the game.