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History of the WCU Dance Team

The WCU Dance Team was started in 1995 under the direction of Mrs. Donna Buckner, and has been successful in adding school spirit to home football and basketball games, as well as adding pre-game, halftime, and timeout entertainment for games and other special events. It has also provided many students who have a dance background with an opportunity to continue to grow as dancers and performers.

Tryouts for the squad are held each year in the spring beginning with a workshop for the purpose of teaching the technical, hip hop and sideline routines. Tryouts also include the following technical moves: Double Pirouette (both), Triple Priouette (best side), Fuete, Toe Touch (Russian), Switch Leap (both), Axel Turn, and Leap in Second (both). In addition, points will be given for showmanship, posture, and appearance. Those wishing to tryout will also be asked to perform a timed, 1.5 mile run (for endurance).

Incoming students must provide a copy of their WCU Acceptance and while current Western Carolina students must show proof of a minimum 2.0 semester and cumulative GPA.

Entering the 2006-07 Academic year, the WCU Dance Team joined the Fitness Center umbrella in the Division of Student Affairs. The WCU Dance Team continues to bring school spirit to WCU home football and basketball games and serves as entertainment at other campus and community events.