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The Third in a Series on Catamount Athletics This Preseason; Altered Weekend Plans

Aug. 19, 2004

Cullowhee, N.C. - (August 19, 2004) Have you ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day" staring Bill Murray? This comedy portrays Phil Connors (Bill Murray) as a weatherman that wakes up every morning and it is Groundhog Day. With persistence he tries to alter the day and his habits, but to no avail. When he wakes up, it is still the same day: "Groundhog Day."

Preseason practices present the same problem for our student-athletes. Each day they wake-up, get dressed, eat, meet, practice, eat, meet, practice eat and meet. That can make for a grueling and mundane day. During a conversation with a student-athlete today, he stopped in mid-sentence and asks, "What day is it?" I said, "Thursday," and the conversation went on. The truly amazing aspect is when they don the practice gear, there is a twinkle in their eyes and the energy appears. They practice as if it was the day before competition. They are asked to extend beyond their limits and they exceed. We have truly remarkable student-athletes.

Their pattern will change on Saturday. Some of our teams will help move in approximately 1,600 freshmen, the largest freshman class in WCU history, in the dorms with the remaining student body showing up on Sunday. The dynamics of campus change with students everywhere. Saturday our student-athletes will be reenergized. Preseason will be over and the focus turns towards the task at hand: Academics and Championships.

After a long football preseason, Coach Briggs has decided to change the time of the scrimmage to 2:00 pm and let the football student-athletes spend some well deserved time at home. This also means our bar-b-que picnic will be cancelled. Hope that does not keep you away.

Fred Cantler
Interim Athletics Diretor