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The First in a Series on Catamount Athletics This Preseason

Aug. 15, 2004

Cullowhee, N.C. - (August 15, 2004) Walking through campus, the sound of tap, tap, rat-a-tat, tat crescendos through the Cullowhee Valley. To some this is mere noise, to me it is a great orchestra warming up for their final performance. Again, multiple tap, tap, tap! Small chill bumps appear on my arms. The Pride of the Mountain Band is on campus! And that means one thing...

The pageantry of college athletics is moving to center stage!

The football, volleyball and soccer teams are in pre-season camps. There is an air of confidence, excitement and the expectations of successful seasons and championships. It has been a long time since I have seen a group of student-athletes and coaches more focused on the task at hand.

I compare it to a cross country meet. If you have had the pleasure of attending such of an event, you arrive at the meet; cross country runners are doing their own thing. Some are on a warm-up run off in the distance, some are stretching and others may be complaining to their coach about their shoes not matching their uniform. But as the starting time draws near they become more focused. The expression on their face changes, the squint in their eyes show a sign of intensity. Their body language changes, muscles ripple against the skin as they move to the starting line. They know the time to perform draws near.

Our programs are moving towards that starting line, and I wish you were here to see energy.

Man! It's great to be on a college campus, I can't wait until tomorrow!

Fred Cantler
WCU Interim Athletics Director