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Catamount Athletics Facilities Update

July 6, 2005

Cullowhee, N.C. - As the summer progress, so do the numerous construction projects on campus at Western Carolina University.

The Track & Field complex is all but finished, with the majority of the remaining work being infrastructural items. Work continues on the concessions and storage areas, as well as auxiliary locker room facilities. Some work will be completed during the summer months to prepare the turf on the facility for the Catamount Soccer season, which will feature the first home night matches in school history.

In conjunction with the track internal work is work revolving around the Catamount Tennis facility, located within the complex and adjacent the track which is visible from Highway 107.

The courts have been completed and fitted with the proper markings and nets. Construction of the tennis locker rooms, located on the court-level behind the center court area, continues.

The other major athletics construction is the building of a new Catamount Softball facility on campus. Located across Cullowhee Creek from the Soccer/Tennis/Track complex, the softball facility is scheduled to be ready for competition in the fall, with the inaugural season beginning in February of 2006.

Other items on the construction docket for the near future in Catamount athletics include the revitalization of the Catamount football locker room and the building of a baseball club house and offices at Hennon Stadium.

Please check the photo galleries below to track the progress of construction.

Photo Galleries:

Tennis Facility Update

Softball Facility Update

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