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From the Desk of WCU Athletics Director, Chip Smith

May 31, 2007

Catamount fans,

Growth is great, but it can bring its problems. The recent success of the baseball team and their invitation to the NCAA regionals is an example of that. With the team being placed in Chapel Hill with UNC, East Carolina and Jacksonville, there was a tremendous demand for tickets from all the schools. North Carolina's facility is currently one of the smallest in the ACC, with just at 2,000 seats. These factors of a huge demand and very limited supply unexpectedly led to fans of all schools calling everywhere for tickets.

As a participant school, we were given the opportunity to purchase only 200 tickets, and those were only for the sessions in which we would play. Many of those were allocated to members of the team and the coaching staff. The remainder was sold to the public. While we were able to provide many Catamount fans who called early with tickets within the number we had available, some were sold to fans of other schools.

Catamount Athletics has had a very successful year, and we look forward to even more post-season appearances by our teams. Therefore, we are implementing a ticket policy that will reward our donors and fans and serve to alleviate issues such as the one we experienced this week. The policy will give purchasing priority to Catamount Club members and holders of season tickets of that sport. When it becomes evident that a team may reach a post-season tournament, we will list the purchasing priorities and deadlines on the website, If there are tickets available after the deadlines for Club members and season ticket holders, they will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. The details of this policy will be finalized and published later this summer. Be sure, however, if the Baseball Cats move forward into the Super-regionals and beyond, some form of these guidelines will be published and instituted immediately.

I apologize to those who were unable to purchase tickets to watch the Cats this week and hope this will provide a solution to the problems we experienced.

Thank you, and Go Cats!!!

Chip Smith
Director of Athletics