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SoCon Individual Champions - All-SoCon List

May. 1, 2005

Individual Southern Conference Champions
(Top Three are named All-SoCon in the event)


Men's Hammer Throw

1st - Bob Smith, Appalachian State

2nd - Jason Stepp, Western Carolina

3rd - Matt Decker, Western Carolina


Men's 10,000-meter Run

1st - Joe Halin, Appalachian State

2nd - Brendon Helms, Appalachian State

3rd - Sam Robinson, Furman


Men's Pole Vault

1st - Wes Willoughby, Western Carolina

2nd - Dan Queen, Appalachian State

3rd - Tyler Barnadore, Appalachian State


Men's Long Jump

1st - Adrien Borders, Wofford

2nd - Joel Gaddy, Appalachian State

3rd - Mark Sturgis, Appalachian State


Men's Discus Throw

1st - Anthony Greer, Appalachian State

2nd - Bob Smith, Appalachian State

3rd - Dan Utley, Appalachian State


Men's 3,000-meter Steeplechase

1st - Ian Mayne, Chattanooga

2nd - Mark Maddox, Appalachian State

3rd - Linas Salkauskas, Chattanooga


Men's Decathlon

1st - Dustin Wright, Appalachian State

2nd - Bobby Robinson, Western Carolina

3rd - Matt Harlfinger, Western Carolina


Men's 4x100-meter Relay:

1st - Western Carolina

2nd - Appalachian State

3rd - Furman


Men's Triple jump

1st - Charles Jones, UNC Greensboro

2nd - Mark Sturgis, App

3rd - Adrien Borders, Wofford



Women's 10,000-meter Run

1st - Ellen Davis, Chattanooga

2nd - Jennifer Kelley, Appalachian State

3rd - Melissa Reyes, Georgia Southern


Women's Hammer Throw

1st - Nikole Simmons, Appalachian State

2nd - Crystal Miller, Appalachian State

3rd - Chakosha Lance, College of Charleston


Women's Long Jump

1st - Lauren Jacobs, Georgia Southern

2nd - Dominique Thurman, Georgia Southern

3rd - Kasola Smith, Chattanooga


Women's Javelin Throw

1st - Carolyn Kitchens, Appalachian State

2nd - Laura Tieszen, Western Carolina

3rd - Crystal Belcher, Wofford


Women's Pole Vault

1st - Laura Tieszen, Western Carolina

2nd - Jessica Clendenning, Elon

3rd - Bridget Robertson, Appalachian State


Women's 3,000-meter Steeplechase

1st - Shannon Wommack, Chattanooga

2nd - Meghan Gaffney, Appalachian State

3rd - Nettie Halcomb, Chattanooga


Women's Heptathlon

1st - Laura Tieszen, Western Carolina

2nd - Tonya Grimes, Georgia Southern

3rd - Kristie Boggan, Appalachian State


Women's Discus Throw
1st - Markaysa Norwood, Georgia Southern

2nd - Lauren Niles, Georgia Southern

3rd - Angela Carlberg, Elon


Women's 4x100-meter Relay:

1st - Georgia Southern

2nd - Appalachian State

3rd - East Tennessee State