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April Edition of Ask the AD

April 2, 2012

CULLOWHEE, N.C. - April's edition of "Ask the AD" has been posted. Director of Athletics Randy Eaton answers questions which range from tailgating, facility upgrades to future football opponents.

Below is an excerpt of the April edition:

It has been clearly evident that many of you, from both your questions here on "Ask the AD" and having a chance to meet you during our Catamounts Unite Tour, are extremely fired up about the changes we have made in our football program. Coach Speir, his staff, and our football student athletes have been working hard over the past few weeks during spring practice to improve both the team and the entire program as we begin this new era of Catamount Football. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to this year's Spring Game to be held on April the 14th at 1 PM. Come out and show your support for the new coaches and let our student athletes know there will be support for them and the team this fall!

The turf was recently replaced (3-4 years ago) and it still has a shine/glare when the sun is on it. I was hoping that it was related to the field being new but it doesn't seem the case. From a new point of view, how is it holding up?

We recently were visited by the manufacturer's representative for the "mid-life" check-up. It seems the field is holding up well and should, at this point, make its eight to ten year life expectancy. I have heard from others about a glare the field has, but I have not seen it myself. My guess is this is due to the direction the individual fibers lay in comparison to the angle of the sun. I sense there isn't a lot we will be able to do to fix this phenomenon.

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