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Career Informational Seminars

March 30, 2004

Michael Despeaux, Coordinator of Career Services and Cooperative Education at Western Carolina University, has been conducting Career Services informational seminars for student-athletes, on a team-by-team basis, over the course of the months of March and April.

Despeaux informed the to the student-athletes of the different career development programs and services offered on Western's campus, including resume writing workshops and job fairs. He also highlighted online resources available to students with links to job search websites.

Terrance Woodyard, a junior on the Men's Basketball team, found the seminar informative. "There were services available on campus and online that I did not even know existed, which I will now use." Robin Everly, a junior Volleyball team member, echoed Woodyard's thoughts. "I found the resumes information particularly useful - it will help me in completing my resume for my summer job search."

Debbie Hensley, Western's Senior Woman Administrator, has attended several of the seminars. "Students have shown particular interest in the seminars, as many are very focused and concerned about their career goals. These programs have helped inform our student-athletes of resources available on campus and have helped guide them in their search for career assistance." Hensley was also struck by the number of student-athletes that remained after the program to ask individual questions or seek extra guidance. She concluded, "I plan to continue more of these types of informative programs in the future."