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Richard McClellan's Entry Wins the Ask the AD Weekly Promotion

Feb. 25, 2004

Richard McClellan has won four tickets to a WCU Athletics event of his choosing as his question in the weekly "Ask the AD" was selected.

Richard's Question:
Given that I-A playing schools usually have their schedules announced a few years in advance, is the main delay for 1-AA schedules being finalized due to trying to find the "big money" game?

AD's Response:
All schools, no matter at what level they play, work on scheduling several years in advance. Western Carolina's 2004 schedule was set-up well in advance with our game vs Alabama (signed 2000), the completion of our home and home series with Gardner-Webb and our traditional Division II game that is used to balance our I-A game. The problem for WCU and the other Southern Conference schools arose with the departure of East Tennessee State. This departure has sent all of us scrambling to find a I-A or I-AA opponent who had a matching open date to fill this void. The fact that scheduling for football is done so far in advance and the recent rash of conference realignment across the country has made this an even more formidable task for the upcoming season.

WCU has found a I-AA opponent that has a matching open date and has verbally agreed to play us on that date. We are now working diligently to finalize the contract and officially announce our 2004 football schedule.