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Randy Eaton Answers Your Questions in February "Ask the AD"

Randy Eaton's responses to February's "Ask the AD"

Feb. 1, 2012

Director of Athletics Randy Eaton debuts the newly revamped "Ask the AD" answering fan questions for the month of February.

Eaton will answer fan questions once a month in his "Ask the AD" segment. Fans are encouraged to send questions in the month leading up to his new installment, for their chance to get insight into Catamount athletics.

Fans can access the "Ask the AD" form and February's response HERE. Below is a sample of the questions asked in February's link. Follow the provided link for the full "Ask the AD" responses.

How can we energize our students?

Great question! I have seen firsthand the lack of student attendance at our basketball games and have been told we face the same issue at other sporting events. Very shortly, the Athletic Department is going to begin open forum lunches in the campus dining hall to include myself and a series of head coaches to speak with and answer questions from the student body. In addition to this, we are discussing plans to increase our advertising visibility in the dining hall and the University Center. Talking to students at our basketball games, the one overriding concern I heard was that we are doing a poor job of getting our schedules in front of the students, addressing this will be our starting point.