WCU Cheerleading Try-Outs

April 12,13,14

Schedule of activities:

April 12... 7:00 pm, Reid Gym
April 13... 9:30 am, Reid Gym 2:00 pm, 1st cut
April 14... 10:00 am - TBA 1:30, Reid Gym, Finals
(Wear flexible clothing and you may change for try-outs)


  • Females must have a good standing back handspring
  • Females must have strong running tumbling
  • Males must be strong enough to stunt with females (up to 10 males needed)
  • Looking for female bases and fliers
  • MUST BE DEDICATED!! We cheer both football and men's and women's basketball
  • Optional competition in April according to squad abilities (2000- placed 14th, 2001- placed 6th.)

    For questions call 828-293-CATS (2287) or e-mail Charity at

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