Western Carolina Alma Mater






Hail to thee, our Alma Mater
Faithful, kind, and true;
Every son and every daughter
Offers praise to you.

- Chorus -

Hail to the dearest spot of all;
Hail to WCU!
Light and life and fond devotion
All to thee are due.

Purple robes and colors golden,
Streaming everywhere,
Swell our hearts with pride for olden
Days and friendships dear.

- Chorus -

Under shade trees' friendly bowers,
Voices, ever gay,
Mingles with breath of flowers
And the song birds' lay.

- Chorus -

Shout aloud with one loud chorus,
Voices clear and true,
Lifted high in praise and honor,
All for WCU!

- Chorus -

Western Carolina University Alma Mater:

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