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Western Carolina University Athletic Hall of Fame Constitution

Western Carolina Athletics Hall of Fame Constitution

Western Carolina University Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Forms

(Approved revisions on September 10, 2011)

The name shall be the Western Carolina University Athletics Hall of Fame.

To recognize and honor those people whose outstanding contributions have enriched the athletics program of Western Carolina University and to provide an enduring memorial and to preserve for posterity the memories of those people whose endeavors brought fame to the University.

The membership of the Western Carolina University Athletics Hall of Fame Committee shall be composed of the following:
1. WCU Director of Athletics (non-voting)
2. Senior women's administrator (non-voting)
3. Executive director of the Catamount Club (non-voting)
4. Associate AD for business development and media relations (non-voting)
5. President of the WCU Alumni Association or designee (voting)
6. President of the Catamount Club (voting)
7. Immediate past president of the Catamount Club (voting)
8. The WCU faculty athletics representative (voting)
9. University community representative (voting)
10. WCU athletics media relations director (voting)
11. Area media representative as nominated by WCU media (voting)
12. Lifetime member of W Club (voting)
13. One former WCU student-athlete from each past six decades - preferably HOF member (voting member, 4-year term)

• The executive director of the Catamount Club, the Hall of Fame coordinator/chairman and the WCU Athletics Media Relations contact, in consultation with the Athletics Director, will make the following recommendations for four-year Hall of Fame committee membership: university community representative, area media representative, and former athletes representing each of the past six decades. These nominees will be subject to the approval of the existing Hall of Fame committee. These committee positions will be filled as terms expire or positions vacated.

The Director of Athletics shall appoint a committee chairperson. A recording secretary shall be appointed as the committee seems appropriate.

(Nominations can be submitted in three areas: Patron's Award; Career Achievement Award; and Athletics HOF)

1. Requests for nomination will be sent to the following:
A. Lifetime members from the "W" Club;
B. Catamount Club members, through the quarterly newsletter;
C. General alumni, through Western Carolina University magazine;
D. General population, through regional newspapers, and WCU's Athletics' website;
E. All former student-athletes;
F. Hall of Fame members.

2. Nomination forms will be available from the WCU Athletics Department upon request. However, nominations can be made without using the official form. A copy of the official nomination form is attached.

3. Nominations should be sent to the following address:

Western Carolina University
WCU Athletics Hall of Fame Committee
Ramsey Center - Athletics Department
92 Catamount Rd.
Cullowhee, NC 28723
E-mail to: kjamison@email.wcu.educ/o Hall of Fame Committee

1. The Hall of Fame Committee shall accept nominations no later than the first Friday in March of each year.

2. The committee will make selections for induction into the Hall of Fame by the second weekend in April of each year.

3. The Athletics Media Relations Director and the HOF Committee chairperson will be responsible for verifying the data received on the nominees.

4. Copies of the information on each nominee will be sent to the committee members two weeks prior to the annual selection meeting.

5. The committee will decide on a year-to-year basis the number to be inducted.

1. A nominee must have distinguished himself/herself through outstanding contributions while representing Western Carolina University as a student-athlete, coach, or associate of Athletics.

2. A student-athlete nominee should have either graduated from WCU or been in good academic standing when he/she departed from the university.

3. Five (5) years must have elapsed since a student-athlete participated at the University.

4. A posthumous nominee will be exempt from the five-year rule.

5. To be considered for the Hall of Fame Patrons Award, a nominee must have made outstanding contributions which have enriched the athletics program.

6. To be considered for the Hall of Fame Career Achievement Award a nominee must have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of amateur or professional athletics after his or her graduation from Western Carolina University.

7. There will be fourteen (14) voting members of the committee. The Athletics Director, executive director of the Catamount Club, Associate AD for business development and media relations, and the recording secretary are non-voting members. However, if the recording secretary is chosen from the voting membership, he or she will retain the rights of a voting member.

8. Nominees are selected as follows:
• The committee first votes on all the nominees each year who indeed meet the above criteria, and those nominees who receive a majority of the votes of the committee members is placed on a slate of nominees for final consideration for the Hall of Fame;
• This entire slate of nominee is then voted on by the committee, with each member allowed to vote for no more than one half of the nominees on a given ballot;
• Nominees receiving a minimum of nine out of the possible 14 votes are selected to the Hall of Fame;
• If the committee agrees that additional ballots are needed, then those nominees receiving the fewest number of votes are eliminated from the slate and another vote is taken. (This process may be repeated).

9. All inductees, as voted in by the committee, will be subject to final review and approval by the Chancellor of Western Carolina University.

10. If an inductee or appropriate representative cannot be present at the induction ceremony, the induction of that honoree shall be postponed to the following year.


Funding for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and related activities will be provided by the Athletics Department and the Catamount Club.

1. The individuals to be honored will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in conjunction with a home football game, which will be designated upon the recommendation of the Athletics Director and approved by the Hall of Fame Committee.

2. A plaque will be displayed on the Ramsey Center concourse at the designated Hall of Fame area.

3. A plaque will be presented to the HOF inductee or a designated representative of the inductee at the HOF induction ceremony during HOF weekend.

4. The inductees will also be honored at halftime of the football game and with a reception during Hall of Fame weekend.

5. Complimentary tickets (up to 8) will be provided for the various functions to the inductee and his or her immediate family or to the individual(s) designated to accept the award.

The Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations - or the designated Athletics Media Relations representative - the university's Public Relations Office, the executive director of the Catamount Club, and the HOF committee chairperson will be responsible for publicizing the announcement of the inductees and Hall of Fame weekend activities.