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2018-19 Western Carolina Basketball Western Carolina Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 07, 2019) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Coastal Caro. 11/06/18 59-77 L 16-Angel Allen 9-Tembre Moates 3-Judith Martin 2-Angel Allen 1-Tess Harris Jewel Smalls CAMPBELL 11/09/18 37-63 L 12-Jewel Smalls 4-Kayla Brown 3-Judith Martin 2-Judith Martin 3-Kayla Brown Tembre Moates Jewel Smalls YOUNG HARRIS 11/12/18 63-54 W 27-Tess Harris 7-Judith Martin 7-Judith Martin 2-Judith Martin 3-Judith Martin Tess Harris Ashley Foster at Georgia Tech 11/14/18 49-84 L 11-Jewel Smalls 7-Angel Allen 5-Angel Allen 2-Jewel Smalls 1-Kennedy Rushi Jewel Smalls at UNC Asheville 11/17/18 49-74 L 9-Jewel Smalls 7-Judith Martin 7-Judith Martin 2-Jewel Smalls 1-Tembre Moates Jewel Smalls Judith Martin Jewel Smalls at Tennessee Tech 11/19/18 58-77 L 16-Gabby Smith 11-Gabby Smith 3-Angel Allen 5-Jewel Smalls 1-Gabby Smith Ashley Foster Tembre Moates Angel Allen at NJIT 11/24/18 71-79 L 21-Gabby Smith 11-Gabby Smith 3-Jada Miller 2-Angel Allen 1-Ashley Foster Judith Martin Tembre Moates NORTH ALABAMA 11/25/18 66-89 L 13-Gabby Smith 9-Gabby Smith 4-Jewel Smalls 2-Farasia Hodge 2-Judith Martin Judith Martin Judith Martin Jewel Smalls N.C. A&T 11/29/18 51-69 L 17-Ashley Foster 6-Gabby Smith 3-Gabby Smith 3-Jewel Smalls 1-Judith Martin Judith Martin USC UPSTATE 12/04/18 68-64 WO 18-Angel Allen 11-Angel Allen 6-Angel Allen 3-Jewel Smalls 1-Jada Miller Judith Martin Judith Martin Jewel Smalls Farasia Hodge Judith Martin at Kentucky 12/18/18 39-99 L 11-Judith Martin 5-Angel Allen 6-Judith Martin 2-Jewel Smalls 4-Jewel Smalls at WINTHROP 12/21/18 65-57 W 23-Tess Harris 8-Farasia Hodge 9-Judith Martin 3-Judith Martin 1-Kennedy Rushi Farasia Hodge SOUTH CAROLINA ST. 12/29/18 39-54 L 14-Judith Martin 8-Angel Allen 3-Angel Allen 3-Tess Harris 1-Judith Martin Jewel Smalls GARDNER-WEBB 01/02/19 52-62 L 9-Jewel Smalls 8-Jewel Smalls 3-Tess Harris 4-Jewel Smalls 2-Gabby Smith Judith Martin Angel Allen at Wofford 01/10/19 65-91 L 21-Tess Harris 6-Tess Harris 2-Jada Miller 1-Angel Allen None Judith Martin Tess Harris Angel Allen Judith Martin at Furman 01/12/19 55-65 L 13-Jewel Smalls 7-Kayla Brown 4-Judith Martin 1-Tess Harris 2-Kayla Brown Kayla Brown Farasia Hodge Judith Martin MERCER 01/17/19 67-69 L 15-Jewel Smalls 10-Farasia Hodge 5-Jewel Smalls 3-Jewel Smalls 1-Judith Martin Judith Martin SAMFORD 01/19/19 42-75 L 16-Angel Allen 6-Kayla Brown 1-Kennedy Rushi 1-Tess Harris 1-Kayla Brown Angel Allen Angel Allen Kayla Brown Jada Miller Jewel Smalls Judith Martin NORTH GREENVILLE 01/23/19 71-44 W 17-Jewel Smalls 11-Gabby Smith 6-Angel Allen 3-Angel Allen 1-Kayla Brown at UNCG 01/26/19 59-71 L 21-Jewel Smalls 8-Angel Allen 5-Angel Allen 3-Jewel Smalls 1-Kayla Brown Angel Allen at Chattanooga 01/31/19 58-72 L 19-Judith Martin 7-Jewel Smalls 4-Angel Allen 3-Judith Martin None at ETSU 2/2/19 80-88 OL 32-Jewel Smalls 10-Judith Martin 6-Judith Martin 2-Jewel Smalls 2-Judith Martin Jada Miller Kayla Brown
2018-19 Western Carolina Basketball Western Carolina Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 07, 2019) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FURMAN 02/07/19 28-53 L 12-Judith Martin 7-Judith Martin 2-Jewel Smalls 3-Angel Allen 3-Kayla Brown Jewel Smalls WOFFORD 02/09/19 55-63 L 16-Judith Martin 8-Kayla Brown 4-Judith Martin 1-Jada Miller 1-Gabby Smith Judith Martin at Samford 2/14/19 43-58 L 13-Jewel Smalls 7-Farasia Hodge 4-Angel Allen 3-Jada Miller None at Mercer 2/16/19 55-71 L 17-Jewel Smalls 6-Jewel Smalls 3-Jada Miller 3-Jewel Smalls 1-Gabby Smith Kayla Brown UNCG 02/23/19 42-66 L 20-Judith Martin 8-Gabby Smith 2-Angel Allen 2-Farasia Hodge 1-Gabby Smith Jada Miller ETSU 02/28/19 41-72 L 16-Jewel Smalls 6-Farasia Hodge 4-Judith Martin 3-Judith Martin 1-Kayla Brown Kennedy Rushi CHATTANOOGA 03/02/19 50-65 L 23-Angel Allen 12-Jewel Smalls 2-Jada Miller 2-Angel Allen 1-Farasia Hodge Judith Martin Jewel Smalls Gabby Smith vs Mercer 03/07/19 32-55 L 11-Jewel Smalls 7-Jewel Smalls 1-Judith Martin 4-Jewel Smalls 2-Gabby Smith Angel Allen Jada Miller