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I am in the midst of preparing for a candle lit dinner that will include a lovely steak, with some mashed potatoes and other assorted side items you may see in a Five-Star restaurant. I'm such a good cook that I have been offered to go be a chef in France.

Instead, I will just eat my Five-Star meals and crawl into bed with the book "Fifty Shades of Grey," and slip off into dreamland. But before all of that can happen, I would like to give y'all an update on Catamount Baseball.

This past week, we got down and dirty. We had Monday off, and then turned around and had off on Tuesday due to rain. We still got into the weight room Tuesday morning, hit it hard and washed it down with a relaxing cup of chocolate milk, as per the usual.

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day for us to have scout day. We had a good turn out of Major League Baseball scouts come out to watch us play. We ran our 60-yard dash and let the scouts get the times. Juniors Julian Ridings and Aaron Attaway were our fastest two guys. We took infield and outfield practice to get ready for the game, then it was time to play ball. Our guys looked great.

The highlight of the day at the plate was junior Luke Gragg sending a ball to souvenir city. What a stud. Senior Tyler White hit a double down the right field line in his first at bat during scout day.

From the pitching side, we also looked sharp as well. We all know the best athletes on the field are pitchers - coming from a pitcher - so this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Our weekend rotation from last year looked sharp which includes junior Jordan Smith, redshirt senior Morgan McKinney and sophomore Jeremy Null. Senior RHP Preston Hatcher brought his filthy slider out to play while striking out the last batter he faced. Senior leftie Adam Curtis had pin point control while just filling up the bottom half of the zone.

On Thursday, we had weight training in the morning and a normal practice in the afternoon where we continued to implement our system to our new players and review it for our older guys. Then on Friday, the position players got another lift in and our pitchers, naturally, went above and beyond.

We got nice and loose then proceeded to run over to "Omaha Hill." This hill is an absolute beast. We had to run up half way up the hill, jog back down then we ran all the way to the top of the hill. We stopped and waited for everyone to get to the top, and then we ran back to the weight room to indulge in some chocolate milk and Gatorade. That afternoon, we had practice. For the first half, we went over our system again and the second half we had a mini intrasquad. We didn't get to finish it so we had to delay it until the start of practice Saturday morning.

At the start of practice Saturday, we got loose and then started right where we left off. A dimension triangle - which is you start at home, run to right field and back, centerfield and back, then left field and back - was on the line.

Team A was losing. Team B had Jonathan Waszak on the mound and Team A (my squad) had Julian Ridings up to bat. It was two outs with freshman catcher Danny Bermudez on first base. We had to have Bermudez score to win. Waszak fell behind in the count, 2-0. He proceeded to even the count at two balls and two strikes.

His next pitch is a ball... it is 3-2. On the pay-off pitch, Waszak throws a fastball on the outer half and Ridings smokes it in the right center gap. Bermudez got a good jump at first and starts to run his little heart out. He ends up scoring and Team A wins on a walk-off double. We were so pumped!

We then turned around and played another game right after that. We had most of our younger guys throw.  Thomas Young looked pretty good. He has a clean arm action and good life on his fastball. Null threw and looked superb.

Sunday, included another intrasquad. We hit BP (aka batting practice), took infield and outfield and then it was time to play ball.

On Saturday, out pitchers were the high note; Sunday, however, was the opposite. Our hitters went off. Junior Dakota Speiss hit an absolutely towering home run over the right field wall while redshirt freshman Austin Neary put some good swings on the ball and was on base frequently. Ridings again looked good, getting on base and getting a base hit or two. Max Linnville hit a double to right field - he plays extremely hard and I love it. It gets me fired up.

 Overall for the week of practicing and playing, we put up an A+ effort. The Cats are preparing to do big things. That's all for today. Hopefully this will hold you loyal followers over until the next one.

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