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I have been working with the Catamount Club for awhile now as an intern and have really enjoyed the tasks I have been given. I love working with all the different sports team and raising money for the athletic department through donors. Meeting people who care enough to care about student-athletes to donate money for our scholarships is really special. There are a lot of fun, unique, special, and most of all caring people that I have met through the Catamount Club members.

Besides working the internship, I also have been a part of our Student Athlete Advisory Committee, SAAC, all four years I have been here. The last two years I have been Vice President under football player, Chris Everett, but this year I am taking over as President.

I am really excited to move into this role, and even more excited about the executive board and representatives I have working with me; the past couple years SAAC has really improved and become one that is recognized highly in the SoCon.

SAAC is composed of about 60 members all of which are student athletes. Every team is represented by at least two members, but there are many teams that have more members. It is great to see everyone come together from all of the sports. It truly shows our Catamount family. It is by far one of my favorite parts. I can say without doubt that almost all of my best friends on other sports teams here is because of the time I spend with SAAC.

Some of the goals we have this year is to raise more awareness and attendance at every sporting event. We will do this first off by concentrating on getting all of the student-athletes out to games. We are planning on putting calendars and flyers around the locker rooms and the weight rooms. We have also brainstormed to print off "Weekly Games" to put around campus that people can grab and take with them. This will have all of the games for the week so hopefully it will help people to remember.

Another big project SAAC has been doing for multiple years now is the Breast Cancer Awareness Project of "Pink Zone." Last year this was a philanthropy event that I really concentrated on and tried to expand. Last year we sold pink t-shirts and collected personal donations throughout the entire school year.

Every sport chose one game designated for their pink zone game. At this game, you could find the teams warming up in pink, wearing pink jerseys, pink ribbons and streamers, and of course we tried to get the fans in pink as well! It was a ton of work and stress but was for sure a great cause. We were able to collect over $4,000 to donate which majorly exceeded my original goal of $3,000.

This year we plan to get more corporate sponsorships to help fund new shirts. We also plan to get more involved with Relay For Life and the Greek affiliations here on campus to help decorate, advertise, and raise money for this awesome cause.

Outside of athletics, I am also involved in tutoring. For two years in college I have tutored a young man with Asperger's Syndrome. I did my best to not so much tutor in every subject, but more to be a "life coach" of some sort. This was a valuable experience for me as I was able to expand my horizons to learn more not about people with this learning challenge, but even more so about me. I not only had to organize my life, but help to teach to organize his. It really helped keep me on task as well. I also enjoy tutoring in economics, accounting, and math on the side. I love helping people, especially my friends and fellow students.

In addition to all of those activities, is my family. I am so very blessed with the two best parents around, Stephanie and Jay, as well as two little sisters Jordan and Julia. Jordan is 20 and plays soccer for Northern Kentucky University, and Julia is about to be 15 and starting her freshman year of high school at my alma mater, Mercy Academy. I also have two dogs- an English bull dog named Webster and a boxer named Snickers. My family- and my puppies- are very important to me.

I'm so appreciative of all they do and have done for me. There are not many soccer games that I can count that one of my parents wasn't there. They are by far by biggest and truest fans. Definitely couldn't be where I am today without them.

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