Head Coach Mark Prosser

On Onno Steger’s game

“He gives us an energy and an emotional lift when he’s out there. It’s little things, it’s diving on the floor, it’s taking charges, it’s going to the offensive glass. He works so hard, he’s in the gym a lot. He’s been frustrated, and I think they all are because of how we’ve done up to this point and doing the work to make physical changes you work really hard. Our message has been when you work really hard you’re rewarded, and he was today. He was huge for us. We had some guys step up and make some really big plays, sort of hopefully draw that line in the sand and say ‘we’re going to find a way to win games.’”


Junior Forward Onno Steger

On Hitting Crucial 3-Point Shots

“I was definitely looking a lot but my teammates put me in the right position, they put me where I needed to be. I took the shot and just knocked it down. I looked for the shot but I’m always looking to help the team whether its making shots, getting rebounds, assists or hustle plays.

On Possessions Late in First Half

“They put it in my hands and I did what I could. Matt (Halvorsen) hit a good half court shot at Wake Forest and that ran through my mind, I was going to go get mine. He and I started celebrating right after it went in. DJ (Myers) ran and gave me the ball right where I needed it and I let it go for itself.”

On Feeling in Locker Room Following the Victory

“If you came to our practice you could tell, a week ago it’d be totally different. We’ve been working, working, working every single day, people are coming to work and that feeling is paying off. We deserved that one.”