Western Carolina Head Coach Mark Prosser


On Western Carolina’s confidence coming into the game

“Yeah, I think there’s a growth process that comes with a program where you learn how to win and expect to win. I think a lot of it comes with hard work and what our kids do when nobody’s looking. I think we’ve gotten ourselves to the point where, if there’s a game on our schedule we expect to win it. We weren’t coming down here on vacation or to hang out. If we’re getting on that bus, we’re coming to win a basketball game. Our kids know that, and I think they competed that way. They deserved a victory and I couldn’t be prouder to be their coach. There’s a lot of really upset kids in there. Obviously, Florida State is very good, but we let one get away a little bit. I thought we had an opportunity to win so to answer your question, I think we were confident and it’s going to remain that way.”


On Mason Faulkner

“I think if you look at Mason, throughout the course of our year and it’s not very old yet, he just likes to compete. He’ll compete with kids playing tic tak toe, he’s not going to let them win. He lives in the gym, he wants to be special, and he’s special already. A few days ago, he had the first triple double in the history of our school, and we’ve had some pretty good players come through our school. I think we all get excited about the next one coming up. We’ll pick ourselves up and like I said there’s a lot of disappointed kids in that locker room. I thought they deserved better because of how hard they played. They’ll turn the page quickly though and Mason will be ready for the next one”


On Florida State’s first half scoring stretch

“I think a multitude of things, especially in the second half. The ball-screen action gave us some problems. We weren’t as aggressive in our coverage as we should’ve been, and they took advantage of a couple things. They started playing incredibly fast in the second half. I thought they transitioned from offense to defense a lot quicker and took advantage of us in that way and then they really attacked the paint. Apparently, we weren’t quick enough to our spots and we fouled a lot. So it varied itself out a little bit at the foul line and we just needed to do a better job of guarding the basketball and not foul.”