Western Carolina Head Coach Mark Prosser

On Western Carolina’s Effort

“I think it’s a sign of things to come. It had nothing to do with what happened on the court; it had a lot to do with happened when as a coaching staff we walked into that locker room and saw how dejected our kids were because they know the effort they put forth tonight was good enough to win the game. There were some plays done that stretch that we should have done differently. Our kids fought until the end. They kept coming back. We talk a lot about being even keeled, we were consistent especially throughout the second half. I’m proud of our kids, they worked their brains off, they deserved better and again, hopefully it’s a precursor of things to come.”

On Halvorsen’s 3-Pointer to Force Overtime and the Atmosphere

“It was a great atmosphere. Our kids and their kids gave it all they had, it had a bit of everything. I think that there were some things that could have gone differently but that’s nothing to take away what our kids did in going toe to toe with them. We’ll keep working and hopefully get a couple of more opportunities.”

On Bench Players Stepping Up Late Due to Foul Trouble

“It’s part of the game. We asked some people to do some things in different situations and different positions that they may have been uncomfortable but they went in and did it. The guys that were on the floor, the guys that fouled out, the guys on the bench deserved to win today. We have a next man up mentality and the guys who come off the bench when someone fouls out are expected to perform at the same level and for the most part, they did that. At the end of the day those kids should walk out of the locker room with their heads held high. Our next goal is to give Marc Gosselin the best night possible and make sure we honor him in the right way.”