Head Coach Mark Prosser

On Wofford’s Defensive Effort

“They play hard from the moment the ball goes through the air. It was a microcosm. After the opening jump a guy ran past us, we fouled him, and they started the game with two free throws in the first three or four seconds. They play hard and force you to make plays. If you can step up and make the proper plays, then you have a chance to have success to win down the stretch. We have to do that better, we have to learn from that, and we have to do that in a hurry.”

On Wofford Being Able to Come Out Strong Following an Overtime Win

“it’s a game, it’s a season of ups and downs. Our league is hard, you have to come ready to go every time and if you don’t things like this happen. Our job is to make sure we’re preparing better and making sure it doesn’t happen again and we’ll continue to do that.”

On the Battle Between Dotson and Jackson

“They’re good players, they’re physical, they’re tough. They go at it. There’s a large respect level there. I think they recognize talent and hard work in their adversary. We need to do a better job of getting our guy the ball and giving him situations to be successful. They did that better tonight for him than we did.”

On Having the next Two Games at home

It’s nice. The guys can have their normal day-to-day routine and there’s some comfort level in that. It’s two teams that you have to play well to beat and obviously we have some work to do after two games this weekend that didn’t go in any way, shape, or form the way that we prepared for. I think we’ll come in on Monday ready to go and prepare for two opponents in a short amount of time.”