Head Coach Mark Prosser


On the individual offensive performances

“I think we had a couple nice offensive performances, but we didn’t get the job done on the defensive end of the floor at a high enough level. All these league games are one or two possession games and there’s a moment where the game is hanging in the balance and in that moment we’re not the ones making the winning plays, the other team is. We know that, we’ve addressed that. That doesn’t start during the game, that starts before the game. It’s being about the little things every day and how we approach practice and our preparation. There were some good offensive performances, we just have to get better at closing out games.”

On VMI taking care of the basketball

“Part of the problem for us is we’re too easy to play against. It’s something we know, it’s something we have addressed. We have to get better at them quickly as it’s late January and we don’t want the season to slip by us. All we can do is keep watching film and trying to learn.

On the week break and facing ETSU

“They’re very good. The league is very good. None of them will be easy, but at the end of the day they are games we expect to win. Just like today was and next Saturday will be. We’ll go and prepare and except to win that game at home against ETSU. We have a couple who are banged up and will take advantage of that. We’ll do a lot of self-evaluation and self-scouting and try and get better at things that are not going so well for us.”