Freshman Guard Kameron Gibson

On pace of the game and facing The Citadel

“The Citadel is an up-and-down team, a really fast-paced team. As soon as we shot we had to get back on defense."

On the Importance of getting a bounce-back win

“It was major for us. After the Mercer game, we let that one go. Traveling over here, we had the mindset of regaining focus. We knew we had to come in here and get the win to start a new streak.”

On the growing confidence in the locker room

“We’re buying into the system that Coach Prosser and the coaching staff are putting in. As we get comfortable with the environment we’re seeing better results.


Head Coach Mark Prosser

On the feeling of the locker room following the win

“They deserved that. I talked to them pregame about their wherewithal and their ability to turn the page so quickly. Ours were ready to go yesterday. We’re really good and consistent across the board. We had to make a few changes to the game plan because of what they do but we carried out those changes very well. We played together. Their ability to shoot the basketball keeps them in every game. I think we did a nice job of making them miss, especially down the stretch.

On bench players who stepped Up

“Those kids come to work every day. They’re getting better and better in our system. When you’re working hard and spending time you deserve days like today. They were able to step up and make plays for us. They pull for each other, they celebrate each other’s successes and it’s a lot of fun to see.”

On the growth of players as the season progresses

We don’t want to be playing best early on in November and December but rather in January, February and on into March. At the end of the day that’s where I hope we’re moving towards. There are things that we have to clean up and get better at, but that’s what practice is for. It’s a great day for our kids, they earned it, they deserved it.”

On preparing for the challenge of the new semester and UNCG

“I think we have a group that is about the right things. They are phenomenal student-athletes and they’re an easy group to cheer for. I hope our students, our fan base, our alumni base come out and support them and see them give everything they have. They’re a pleasure to coach every day, they come to work and are ready to go and ready to get better. Hopefully, we’re turning the corner.”