Carlos Dotson, Western Carolina forward

On being double-teamed during the game and whether it frustrated him:

“I didn’t get frustrated by those, I knew my teammates would come and pick me up. Marc (Gosselin) was the first person I’d look for. He and Matt (Halvorsen) always seem to be open when I touch the ball."

On the feeling after getting the win:

“It’s a good feeling. I think we should have won by a bit more. We started to slow down in the second half.”

On playing with confidence:

“I’m just trying to work, trying to get wins for my team.”


Mark Prosser, Western Carolina head coach

Overall thoughts:

“I think that they really paid attention the last couple of days. We have a lot of pride in that locker room and I don’t think anybody felt good after the way the game on Wednesday night ended. Looking up at that scoreboard didn’t sit well with anyone throughout our program. We talked about how there was a lot of ways to get distracted, we had two kids with finals this morning, we got back at 3 a.m., we had the time change and everything else and we wanted to limit distractions and our kids did a phenomenal job of that. We made a commitment on the defensive end and I think for the vast majority of it I was pleased with our effort and how we played. There were a couple of lapses that we need to address where we didn’t give effort for 40 minutes. A lot of credit for that goes to Asheville and their staff. They adjusted and gave us some different things in the second half that made us adjust and we need to do it quicker. Overall, great effort and our kids deserve and earned the right to ride home on that bus for an hour and enjoy a double-digit victory.”

On Dotson being double teamed, his passing, and how he has improved his game:

“He’s a very good player. He wants to be a very complete player. He wants his assist to turnover ratio to improve and he knows that there are games where people aren’t going to leave our shooters and he needs to go to work and he knows there are others where he will rely on those shooters because they will spend some time in the paint, crowd the post and maybe run a double team at him. There’s a nice sort of give-and-take on our team. We’re sharing the ball at a really high level. We have a very unselfish team, they’re great kids and a lot of fun to coach and they deserve to ride home tonight with a victory.”