The University Athletics Committee (UAC) ensures that student-athletes receive the academic support they need by monitoring (generally or by teams) such matters as (including, but not limited to) excused class absences, competition scheduling, Academic Progress Rate (APR), Federal Graduation Rate (FGR), and Graduation Success Rate (GSR). Further, the UAC encourages communication among the athletics department, the faculty, the administration, and the students.

The UAC also monitors and makes formal inquiries regarding the athletics budget; compliance with NCAA regulations; and gender and minority equity. The UAC will inquire into any matters involving the welfare of student-athletes and will seek resolution of any problems.

The UAC makes appropriate recommendations about any of the above matters to the Chancellor and the Director of Athletics. The Director of Athletics and the Chancellor in turn are responsible for informing the UAC in a timely fashion of their intentions regarding the recommendations.


The UAC is comprised of 20 members including 10 faculty members, four students, two administrators and staff members and four ex officio members.

The 10 faculty members include three who are elected by general faculty, three who are appointed by the Faculty Senate, three who are appointed by the Chancellor, and the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR).

The four students include two student-athletes (one male and one female) who are selected by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and two non-athletes (one male and one female) selected by the Student Government Association (SGA).

The two staff members include one appointed by the Chancellor and one elected by the Staff Senate.

The ex officio members include the Director of Athletics, the Senior Woman Athletic Administrator (SWA), the University's Title IX Coordinator and one appointed by the Provost.