It is the policy of Western Carolina University that all University athletic representatives (including student-athletes, managers, trainers and cheerleaders) must maintain the highest degree of credibility and decorum possible. All persons involved with intercollegiate athletics must make every attempt to conduct themselves in a manner as not to embarrass the institution by their actions.

Behavior by institutional representatives or spectators that does not meet this standard and which has the potential of harming the reputation of the institution or any of its units is prohibited.

Good sportsmanship must be an integral part of every sport sponsored by Western Carolina University. The ethical environment of the university must assert and reflect primacy of human dignity, must encourage growth and achievement, and must insist on respect in all interpersonal relations. Fighting, taunting, trash-talking, profane and vulgar language, inappropriate "celebrations", and disrespectful attitude toward our opponents or officials will not be tolerated.

In respect to NCAA policies, WCU is held accountable for the actions of its student-athletes and fans.

Southern Conference Code of Spectator Conduct:

Southern Conference teams shall be supported with enthusiasm and dedication, for strong spectator support is a vital part of the experience of college competition.

We expect good sportsmanship from players and coaches. They have a right to expect the same from spectators.

Therefore, we urge Southern Conference students, alumni and friends to cheer their teams to victory while upholding those ideals our colleges and universities have nurtured during the long history of the Southern Conference.

Our spectators should be courteous and judicious in choice of expression, and should exhibit good manners and kindness to all others.

The scoreboard will reflect the quality of the teams in competitions while the kind of support given by the spectators will reveal the character of Southern Conference fans.