Sept. 23, 2017

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Western Carolina head coach, Mark Speir:
Opening Statement:
"I want to introduce you all to Staff Sgt. Jason Livingston. He is a wounded vet from his service in 2010 in Afghanistan. He carried the American flag out for our team like we are having a veteran do this year. Jason gave a great inspirational talk to our team. It was like the Good Lord told him what to say. He talked about keeping your focus on doing what you need to do internally, and you can do whatever you want. Keep all the external naysayers out or your mind and you can do what you want. This guy was told he would never get out of a wheelchair and last week, he deadlifted 400 pounds and squatted 300 pounds. I've told him he has got the pregame speeches from here on out (smiling)."

On the victory over a ranked team:
"It just shows how far our program has come. We still have a long way to go, but there have been coaches come and have one or two bad years and never recover. We talked about how you should respond after two wins last year. I am so proud of the team's resiliency. You can’t take that next step until you beat a team like (Samford). The bad thing about it is you get about 12 or 18 hours to enjoy it and then you have got the nightmare of Chattanooga on the road. We’re going to enjoy the win tonight and get back to work."

“The trick now is how we handle a little success. It has taken a lot of work to get where we are. We are in first place in the Southern Conference. We haven’t been able to say that in long time. To do it against a great opponent in front of a great crowd tonight puts the cherry on top. Catamount Nation was tremendous.”

WCU redshirt sophomore QB Tyrie Adams:
On his reaction to Saturday’s game:
“What stood out for me is the way the defense played. The offense expects to go out and put up points and do those type things. And Samford’s offense expects to do the same thing. They have a similar type offense. Nothing has been coming through the air as much as it has tonight at our defense. I thank our defense for bearing down when this game was on the line.”

Was that one of the craziest games you have ever been in?
“Yes sir it was, definitely.”

On running back Detrez Newsome:
"That is how Detrez is. He gives you what you need. Detrez is Detrez. I saw something on Twitter after his big game last week saying ‘Detrez doing what Detrez does.’ That is just how he is. He stepped up when he needs to."

WCU redshirt senior WR Terryon Robinson:
On the play of the offense:
"Being able to add the deep ball from Tyrie (Adams) has been big for our offense. Teams are treating us different this year. They can’t stack the box to worry just about Detrez. They have to worry about wide receivers, too."

WCU defensive coordinator John Wiley:
On defense bending but not breaking on Saturday:
"You are talking about beating a Top 20 team and contender for the league title. I think this will show our players we can do whatever we set our mind to do. The big lesson that I want them to learn is that things may not go as planned, but you can’t throw your hands in the air and say, ‘Oh it didn’t work this time.’ You’ve got to go adjust and keep playing and maybe something good will happen and it did tonight."

Samford head coach Chris Hatcher:
Statement on Saturday's game:
"We went on the road and played a good team. We had a couple of chances to win the game, but our lack of efficiency in the red zone, which we have been awesome in this season, hurt us. We drove 98 yards there at the end and came up a yard short. That was a bad call by me, I take the blame on that last one. Our guys fought hard, it's just always disappointing to get beat anytime, but especially in a game that you felt like you had in control there at the end."