Sept. 10, 2017

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Western Carolina head coach, Mark Speir:
“It is always great to get a win. Davidson is a good football team and well coached."

"I’m proud of our guys after a long trip to Hawaii. My challenge to them all week for us to be efficient and for us to not have a lot of mental penalities. We wanted to make sure that 'the Cats did not beat the Cats.' I think 90-percent of the night we did that. Tyrie (Adams) threw the deep ball extremely well. All our running backs ran hard. Defensively, we did well. We had a nice second half. Our field goal unit was fixed and Will Horton came back and did an extremely nice job. A lot of people played and that is always good."

"Our crowd was outstanding. The "Blackout" was a lot of fun. Catamount Nation was loud.”

"It was great to have Cam Brown with us today. He is fighting through several things and he is a great Catamount. We're glad he is with us."

Senior RB Detrez Newsome: "I give all the credit to our offensive line. I wouldn’t have had the game I had if it wasn’t for them. They did a great job to open holes."

Redshirt sophomore QB Tyrie Adams
"We beat ourselves a lot last week (at Hawai'i) and we didn’t do that this week. My confidence came from being on the same page with receivers with a week of practice. We thought we were ready last week, but we had some mental things to fix and we did."

“Going forward, the biggest thing is we have momentum. We try to take what they give us and they gave us some things tonight we tried to take advantage of. We need do the same things next week minus some mental mistakes next week and beyond.”

Redshirt senior Wide Receiver, Terryon Robinson:
“Tyrie (Adams) was on target every time - and that is a great feeling.”

WCU Defensive Coordinator, John Wiley:
“I was most proud of how we adjusted during the game, and how well it went. I was proud of that.”