Oct. 24, 2015

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Post-Game Quotes
Western Carolina 56, Samford 36
E.J. Whitmire Stadium / Bob Waters Field
Cullowhee, N.C.

Western Carolina head coach Mark Speir:
Post-game thoughts:
“I’m just so proud of this team. I don’t know since I have been here if there has been a more gratifying win. We haven’t played well against Samford and hadn’t beaten them since 1969 as a program. All I can control is since I have been here and the last two seasons, and this has been a team we have struggled against. And our players have had a great mentality all week.”

“This team has now won when we have come from behind and we have won when we were ahead. This is what we have talked about; finish a team off and our guys did that tonight. Samford is a good football team. They are going through some growing pains with a new coaching staff, and they are a class outfit. I think a lot of Coach (Chris) Hatcher and his staff. They have some good football players on that team.

“We can enjoy this tonight and get back to work in the morning. All we are worried about is having a great week of practice, respecting a great football team we are getting ready to play at their place. We don’t owe anybody anything, we owe our teammates and our university.”

Western Carolina redshirt sophomore linebacker Daniel Riddle:
On his second quarter interception:
“I just read it, picked it and tried to take it down as far as I could.”

On looking ahead to next week’s game at Chattanooga:
“It is very good, after we took the first loss of the season it was all we could think about is keep winning each week to put us in position to be where we at now.”

On the post-game locker room feel:
“Awesome we hadn’t beaten then since 1969 … 11 times, so it was good to finally get over the hump beating those guys.”

On Coach Speir’s post-game message:
“Just keep coming, we have got to enjoy it tonight and get ready to come back for next week tomorrow.”

Western Carolina junior tight end Tyler Sexton:
On the Riddle’s INT leading to a team win:
“A huge play there by Daniel Riddle and we capitalized off of it. We couldn’t do it individually, it is obviously a team win. Everybody playing as one helps out a lot, so we got to keep doing that too.”

On finishing with a career receiving performance on the day:
“That is big on Troy (Mitchell). I’ve got to give him credit too, and he put the ball where it needed to be. I just caught it, nothing special. The O-line, they helped Troy by giving him time to the ball to me, so got to give them credit, too.”

On looking ahead to next week’s game at Chattanooga:
“Today was a great win for us. We just need to come out next week keep doing what we’re doing, working hard every week. Take it one play at a time, one game at a time, one day at a time, and keep with it.”

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Jordan Mathis:
On scoring and throwing his first touchdowns on Saturday:
“When the coaches called the play, I was excited. I hoped that I didn’t over throw it and Karnorris Benson made a great catch. Spearman (Robinson) made a great block that helped me out on my first career touchdown reception. I got to give credit to Troy (Mitchell) and the offensive line up front, they got the job done and I got to finish it off with a big play.”

On the atmosphere in the locker room:
“This is a lot of fun. I am blessed to be part of a team like this, to call my family. We always harp on being a family, being one and that is coming off that. You can’t do much without having each other’s back.”

Samford head coach Chris Hatcher:
Post-game thoughts:
“Western Carolina is a really good football team. At the end of the day, we didn’t execute very well. We couldn’t sustain our offensive momentum, dropped the ball and for two-straight weeks, couldn’t run the ball. Defensively, we couldn’t stop the run and missed a lot of tackles. We are not a good football team right now, but the positive is we played with a lot more passion today than we did last week.”